Revolutionalize your coaching practice with your own coaching platform

Now everyone can be empowered by great technology. Insights, reports and administrative support to help your business thrive and bring your coaching to the next level.


A coaching platform to make your business thrive

Insights & reporting

Review your clients sentiment data, coaching progress, quickly create your billing overviews, and more.

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Keep an overview over your business

Flyt is your administrative assistant that helps you keep an overview over your business, presents relevant on-demand information and relieves you from repetitive administration work.

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Make your clients love you

Flyt optimizes the client experience by being an absolutely secure one stop shop for talent development.

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Why use a coaching platform?

Let us take care of the busy work, so you can focus on your clients

Imagine what your organization can achieve with powerful insights in coaching impact and transparency in your coaching process.

Flyt makes your organization more productive with program administration, communication, follow ups and reporting.

Keep track of coaching progress, emerging themes and impact across your programs and continue to develop your delivery based on actual data.


Coaching partner for knowledge and insights

Empower your organization, your client, coaches and coachees with real-time insights in and reports like goals progress, monthly coach hours and activity, scheduled sessions and impact measurement results.

Shortening communication lines for everyone involved, instant updates and better decision making. Contact us to discuss what this can mean for your organization.

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Experience a better way of serving your clients

Create impactful coaching programs with measurement, insights and automation without the administrative hassle


Over 50+ completed
coaching projects.

2 years







Technology Partner for Coaching organizations

Flyt is powered by The Roll. Made by coaches, for coaches. We have experienced the challenges of scaling any coaching activity, and want to empower all coaching activity with our digital solution!

Your clients, your network, your platform. Pure flexibility and customizability to fit your coaching. You have full ownership over Flyt. This means you get to pull the levers and own your data in line with GDPR regulations. To really make it your own, you can customize the look and feel, brand and colours to match your style. You can even create a custom look for your clients.

Schedule a demo with us to learn more about customization.

A white lable platform for everyone

Flyt is truly your own coaching platform.

You are not alone

Everyone gets a seat at the table

Easily provide value for all your stakeholders. Flyt is facilitating the coaching processes for Coaches, Clients, Administrators and Stakeholders with a great user experience and the right insights.





"We have searched for two+ years and Flyt was by far the best coaching platform we found. It allows us to keep ownership and control over our practice with a great user experience. It is a pleasure to work with the team. They are super eager to make and receive suggestions and improvements are implemented ‘overnight’, or at least very quickly. It has become a true partnership"

Julie Johnson (CEO & Founder)

"I've heard so many good things of the EMBA [participants] and of your coaching when I've spoken to the students in the tech related surveys that I've done over the years."

Gottfried Gemzell (Head of IT)


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