About Us

Your clients, your network, your platform. Pure flexibility and customizability to fit your coaching. You have full ownership over Flyt.

While the market is saturated with numerous coaching platforms, most focus on promoting coaches. In contrast, Flyt offers a white-label solution, enabling clients to brand the platform as their own. Our primary mission is to simplify the tasks associated with managing and controlling coaching pools and processes. Ultimately, our objective is to facilitate greater access to coaching for more people. Our ideal clients include enterprises, large-scale coaching firms, and business schools. Importantly, Flyt has been crafted by coaches specifically to meet the needs of these client groups.

Inca Whyte, COO and co-founder, and Grant Calder, CEO and founder


Maximos Tzovaras
Product Owner and
Key Account Manager
Marcel Rossi
Software Engineer
Elias Gustafsson
Software Engineer
Youssef Chardi
Software Engineer

Advisory Board

Peter Holmark
Organizational Development Director

Michèle Barnett Berg
Global C-Suite Executive
and Team Coach
Susanne May
CEO, May & Co